I decided to do some fashion hanging out with my friend Narciso; he used to work as a professional model. Then, we went to Phoenix Park on a cold winter time, in the afternoon, at the heart of Dublin. That park is really large; one of the largest park in Europe; moreover, the green color of the nature here in Ireland, is really sane. Everything made me got myself impressive. I think I will never get used to it; moreover, deer were great, because of the natural color composition; those animals´ lives blend well with that create a countryside atmosphere, exactly as I am inside of myself.

Technically, I operated my NikonD750 with 24/77mm Sigma Art Plus SB-700 Speeding Flash lenses. What´s about the flash, even in a daylight ? Oh yes! I was just following the Annie Leibovitz advices. It´s “crazier” how colors and textures looked so much better!