Walking out on the streets to photograph strangers is a challenge for me. On August 19th, when I got to be here in Dublin, I decided to put myself out of my comfortable zone of action.  It was, who knows, a way of making friends; so to do that I had to fight against cultural borders and against my shyness, till I started feeling my dealing with  those unknown people as a target to conquer; it was also a way to get meeting each other and each person I got close to have a special experience. I made friends, raised my self-esteem, and the most important: we laughed! 

Now, I decided to come back with the idea of following a photograph conception of the street workers like: painters, woodworkers, delivers and so on; actually, It didn´t matter ´bout their  jobs performances. The most important point was to record all those worker people who are building Dublin, and making that place look nicer and nicer, moreover : diverse!