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During those last two months, I kept myself working  for “Eloi Models” as photographer, here in Ireland. Every week I´ve been doing my  trials with both Irish and international models to  build  that website agency; every week we set a different theme for each specific model. That has been so exciting for me! In that part, particularly, Corin is sharing his beauty at the National Botanic Gardens.

I always choose something simple and naturally original; after all, popular wisdom, it´s alright. That´s what I say: less is more!

Besides, I´m trying to edit my work as short as it´s possible. Although loving to edit it and spending hours on photoshopping it, I prefer focusing  the final result; not the final result of the photo by itself  as well, but the result of somebody´s point of view  before the picture. I believe that on this pandemic or post pandemic times, everybody needs to renew the way of visualizing the world, as well, and that´s one of the reason I consider, by myself, a photographer should be, ´cause I love almost every area  involved in the photography process. I tend to put myself in fashion  photographer´s box, after all; it´s about the human form: the photography  as a behavior performance; that´s the way I can create something truer , clearer  and, of course, include the main element: the art


Nesses últimos 2 meses tenho fotografado para a agência ELOI MODELS aqui, na Irlanda. Semanalmente, estamos trabalhando com modelos irlandeses e internacionais para construir o site da agência. Todo final de semana nós definimos um tema para cada modelo específico, isso tem sido bem legal, neste post em específico, Colin está compartilhando sua beleza no Jardim Botânico.
Sempre escolhi algo simples e básico, afinal é de sabedoria popular: menos é mais. Além disso, estou cada vez menos editando meus trabalhos, apesar de AMAR editar e passar horas no photoshop, penso no resultado final. Não o resultado final da foto em si, mas o resultado de quem está olhando a foto. Sempre procurei transmitir mais veracidade nas minhas fotos, acredito que num período pandémico ou pós-pandémico, também precisamos de renovar a nossa visão, um dos motivos pelo qual me considero fotógrafo artista, eu gosto de fotografia em quase todas as áreas e me fascina colocar arte nelas, porém nas diferentes formas de fotografia, muitas da vezes me coloco na caixa “fotógrafo de moda” porque se trata do ser humano, é a fotografia como forma de comportamento. Assim, consigo retratar algo com verdade, clareza e com a composição principal: ARTE


I know, winter time, but still fab

Belly Photography in Scotland

If I could take pictures through my belly point of view ?! Oh yes, I could.  I did all of those photos which were taken without being noticed ´bout what was going on; I have just walked carrying my camera close to my belly, and clicking on it, exactly at the same way as that senior guy on the first picture. Now, looking at those pictures, I can remember how I was exciting in Scotland; it was really so much fun!

Did you enjoy the result? Please, let me know by comments in that area here below… thanks!


Walking out on the streets to photograph strangers is a challenge for me. On August 19th, when I got to be here in Dublin, I decided to put myself out of my comfortable zone of action.  It was, who knows, a way of making friends; so to do that I had to fight against cultural borders and against my shyness, till I started feeling my dealing with  those unknown people as a target to conquer; it was also a way to get meeting each other and each person I got close to have a special experience. I made friends, raised my self-esteem, and the most important: we laughed! 

Now, I decided to come back with the idea of following a photograph conception of the street workers like: painters, woodworkers, delivers and so on; actually, It didn´t matter ´bout their  jobs performances. The most important point was to record all those worker people who are building Dublin, and making that place look nicer and nicer, moreover : diverse!


I decided to do some fashion hanging out with my friend Narciso; he used to work as a professional model. Then, we went to Phoenix Park on a cold winter time, in the afternoon, at the heart of Dublin. That park is really large; one of the largest park in Europe; moreover, the green color of the nature here in Ireland, is really sane. Everything made me got myself impressive. I think I will never get used to it; moreover, deer were great, because of the natural color composition; those animals´ lives blend well with that create a countryside atmosphere, exactly as I am inside of myself.

Technically, I operated my NikonD750 with 24/77mm Sigma Art Plus SB-700 Speeding Flash lenses. What´s about the flash, even in a daylight ? Oh yes! I was just following the Annie Leibovitz advices. It´s “crazier” how colors and textures looked so much better! 


Lookbook is a collection of photography compiled to show a model, photographer, style, stylist or clothing line. Usually, bloggers or vloggers will model fashionable looking for a month or a season. Those ones give to viewers ideas on how to style outfits or to show what are the latest fashions on the market.

I did those photos for Eloi Models.  I was hired to give a booster on his portfolio; so, check them out here below.