Frequently Asked Question

What should I wear?

I always suggest to my clients use their own clothes. You will be more comfortable and confident. Before the photos we will create a “mood board” with references of the style and also of what to bring with you on the day of the photoshoot. In general, they are simple things, sometimes a jacket, a suit, jeans, white blouse, and your your favourite clothes.

Can I decide where we go and what poses we will use?

It’s a photoshoot, but I also like to see it as a form of experience. I am used to photographing models and not models and in all rehearsals I like to create a relaxed atmosphere so that both I and the client can feel comfortable in front of the lens and both are also welcomed to share their ideas.

Will my photos be published on your social networks?

Not all works are published, sometimes for the privacy of the client, sometimes I do some specific works only for my portfolio. If we have the opportunity to use the photos in my social media, it will be agreed between the parties and the model release will be signed.

Should I choose more photos besides the package?

The extra photo costs 20 euros each, but in the ALL IN package, all photos taken during the shoot are included, not edited and in internet resolution.

What If a change my mind? 

We require a 25 per cent deposit that is not refundable. We can rearrange the photoshoot in case of climate changes, or in any situation if both sides have agreed. The rest of the amount has to be paid in the photoshoot day

How will I receive the pictures and How long will it take for me to receive the pictures?

After the photoshoot I will send the photos in two day for you to choose where only you can view and choose your favourite ones on a platform protected by password.

These photos will be unedited, in low resolution and watermarked, they are only for choice and cannot be shared. After the choice is made, the pictures will be available and sent by Google Drive in high resolution, edited, watermarks free in 15 business days.

In case of emergency we can try to make an exception.

If you have anymore else question, please just let me know contact me