Photography Class by Renato Mors

Teaching photography is another passion that I have developed in the last few years. Sharing knowledge is satisfactory for both and the exchange with the students is always amazing.
In these past three years, I have seen more than 200 professional photographers attracting new clients and amateurs learning a new hobby or profession.
This course fills the needs of every student who is willing to develop new skills in photography. It is basically for everyone.
This one day, practical workshop will break down all of the aspects that work together to create a photographic portrait. I’ll teach how to create iconic images with some tips and tricks, you will also have the chance to practice with real models and will help you develop your practical and creative image making and improve your photographic skills with a focus on fashion.

The course will cover:

  1. Composition and Atmosphere of the image
  2. Light, photographic styles
  3. Lines and Texture
  4. What not to do
  5. Digital photography Techniques
  6. Practice exercises in photographic Studio and Outdoors
  7. Pictures analysis
  8. Colors
  9. Editing process (Photoshop)
  10. Practice with real models


Course with Cellphone
Duration: 4h
€ 120

Camera DSLR
Duration: 8h
€ 250

Certificate Included

Private Class